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Gaza Latest: Israel Now Bombing Rubble into Rubble

GAZA - Israel is now bombing the rubble into smaller pieces of rubble in the Palestinian enclave.

GAZA LATEST: “If we see any movement in the bombed rubble, we bomb that until the rubble is even smaller pieces of rubble,” a senior IDF officer revealed to Haaretz news.

How small rubble should be bombed in the Palestinian enclave is not yet known, but some commentators think that the Israelis want to make sand.

“If you bomb the rubble constantly, eventually it becomes sand. I suppose the entirety of Gaza may become one big sandy beach where tourists can come and hotels can be built,” an Israeli real estate magnate in Tel Aviv commented during a TV interview.

It’s all understandable, though, mess with the bull — get the horns. If it were not for the Hamas idiots egged on by shit-stirrers in Iran, none of this shit would be happening. By stoking the wrath of Israel, Hamas has brought ruin on the already ruined Palestinian people who in 75 years have squandered their time in building up their cities with the most basic services instead using the billions of foreign aid they receive to spend on rockets and weapons purchased from Afghanistan after the botched Biden exit which left billions of dollars of high-end US weapons in the country.

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