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Brexit Was Doomed From the Beginning

LONDON - England - Brexit as a populist vote was doomed from the beginning because of some very pertinent factors.

Brexiteers do not control the money, they do not control the economy or the courts — the remainers control that. The EU is a vast economic powerhouse that controls entire markets, and money men in the UK all fall under the allegiance of Brussels. The entire British parliament apart from a few backbenchers are remainers. The entire House of Lords apart from maybe Norman Lamont are remainers. The entire civil service swamp are remainers, the entire Bank of England, and all departments under the government are remainers. The entire Treasury are remainers.

Brexit was won under a supposed democratic vote on June 23, 2016 but that is all it was. It does not matter if you have a democratic vote to leave the EU in a system which is entirely controlled and run by remainers.

At the end of the day, the Tories squandered an 80% majority in winning the last election, and many believe the half-hearted stance by Boris Johnson to complete Brexit was a joke.

Rishi Sunak, the now unelected technocrat number cruncher, is a money man, but one thing he is definitely not is a Brexiteer. He never was one despite his insipid claims. Because Brexiteers within the Tory party seemed to ride the populist wave at the time as a means to get elected, Sunak chose the winning side as much as the others did. In no way did they actually have any post-Brexit plans or ideas.

The vengeful remainer Blitz coup occurred under the short and sharp reign of Liz Truss after they got rid of Boris. When she proposed a great idea to kickstart the economy by lowering taxes, the markets (controlled by remainers) performed a coup de grâce on the entire Brexit sham by causing deliberate market turmoil. They succeeded in toppling Liz Truss and installing their EU man Rishi Sunak. If Liz Truss had succeeded in underhanding the EU with lower taxes in the UK and business incentives, then the EU could have toppled. The remainers saw this as the last stand, and a huge threat, so they engineered a little oopsy in the market to fuck Liz Truss and her lofty thoughts up.

If remainers control the economy, the money supply and the markets, what chance do Brexiteers have, especially when they have no control over anything apart from a populist vote they made in good faith that it would be carried out?

No, Brexit will not be and has not been carried out because the economic strength of the EU is too great. It is nigh on impossible to win against such an adversary, especially if they have paid off too many agents and entire institutions in the UK.

When Labour wins the 2024 General Election, as it is graciously handed to them on a plate by the lacklustre pathetic current state of the Tories, then we will see the EU operatives rise up once again to reverse everything with the name Brexit on it.

As for Nigel Farage in this entire fiasco? He had a good ride while it lasted, but ultimately that’s it. Democracy tried to survive this farce, but that died in the mess as well.

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