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We Will No Longer Be Posting on Twitter

LONDON - England - The official Daily Squib account on Twitter will no longer be active due to the account being shadowbanned for no given reason.

Satire is a legitimate literary genre previously celebrated throughout history, even in times of serious societal turmoil, however in the increasingly totalitarian partisan biased censorious times we are living in our account on social media platform Twitter was permanently shadowbanned with no legitimate reason given. This event occurred during the US election of 2020, so you can make up your own conclusions from that.

We have principles at the Daily Squib and will not squander our time and effort on a platform that is politically biased and punishes previously protected literary genres like satire, which ultimately damages and destroys our human right to free discourse and artistic expression.

Being shadowbanned is an insidious and nasty way of shutting communication off. Our tweets are not searchable, our account is hidden and users have to click on our tweets that have a severe warning on them. It is not as if we post hardcore pornography or other things that are objectionable, like gore.

Coincidentally, whilst our Juvenalian satirical posts and political satire are shadowbanned, elements of child pornography, hardcore pornography, images of atrocities and human traffickers are allowed on the platform with no shadowbanning or censorship at all. Even terroristic groups like the Taliban and Hamas are allowed to post with impunity and are given blue check marks. The Taliban are a violent group from Afghanistan that targets civilians and inflicts severe psychological and physical harm, especially to women.

It turns out that writing satire via the Daily Squib is now considered more dangerous than all of the atrocious monsters and ghouls who are allowed to post on Twitter with no censorship at all. That pretty much proves our point right there, and is the reason out of principle we will not post on that site ever again and urge you if you have any principles to do the same, even if you do not care one iota for us or what we do.

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