Beyond Satire: EU Declares Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power as ‘Green’

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU declares fossil fuels like gas, and nuclear energy as 'Green' much to the consternation of eco zealots.

Nuclear power eu green

Greta Thunberg must be fuming with outrage as her beloved EU denizens are now declaring fossil fuels like natural gas and nuclear power plants as environmentally friendly and ‘green’.

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) voted on July 6 not to reject adding nuclear and natural gas activities to the European Union taxonomy for sustainable investments, paving the way for the EU to include such projects in its so-called “green” investments.

The European Union have claimed in the past to be eco-conscious and to move to banning fossil fuels.

What the ‘green’ eco mob do not realise is that it is impossible to have eco-sustainable ‘green’ fuel if the earth’s population continues at its current pace. Many people who claim to be ‘green’ are low-information zealots who do not understand reality and live in a deluded state of eco-psychosis.


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