High Gas Prices For Americans? Biden Selling America’s Oil Reserves to China

LOS ANGELES - USA - Why is Joe Biden selling America's oil reserves to China pushing gas prices higher for ordinary Americans?

Shocked by Gas Prices
Janine Ebert, 31, from Los Angeles, a lifelong Democrat, voted for Joe Biden.

You have to feel sorry for Americans who practically live in their cars and trucks. America is not a tiny country like Britain, where everything you need is in close proximity. The vast roads and highways of the US stretch on for thousands of miles, and many people have to travel hundreds of miles each day doing their jobs or running their errands.

Petrol (gas) prices are rocketing for Americans and eating into their pocketbooks. All the while, there is no mention of the impotent weasel Biden in the mediocre, biased media press rooms as the main cause of gas prices rising at the pumps. He can’t blame it on Putin forever.

China now directly benefiting at the expense of US consumers as a result of Biden’s insanity

“Biden is a piece of shit. In fact, shit is higher than Biden,” one angry American motorist quipped as he filled up at a petrol station.

SPR drain june

The Biden administration is draining more oil from the US strategic petroleum reserve, and worse still, selling it to America’s arch enemy — China. More than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of the historic U.S. SPR release were exported to Europe and Asia last month, including top US geopolitical nemesis in the global arena, China, even as U.S. gasoline and diesel prices hit record highs.

The U.S. Crude reserves will leave from the West Hackberry SPR site in Louisiana in July on route to China.

“These actions are tantamount to high treason. Biden is fucking Americans up the ass by selling our valuable oil reserves to China so they can attack Taiwan, Japan and the U.S.” another furious American quipped.

Enjoy your insane gas prices Americans, you and many dead people in cemeteries voted for it.

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