Biden Thanks Democrat Voters For Election Win

GEORGIA - USA - President unelect Joe Biden visited one of the many cemeteries where voters voted for the Democrat Party in 2020.

biden thanks democrats for election win
"I would like to thank you all for voting in the 2020 elections for me"

Today president unelect, Joe Biden thanked the millions of dead voters who voted Democrat helping him win un-election.

“I thank you all for your undying support in voting for the Democrat party. Kamala and I are honoured that you took some time out from death to vote for us in the 2020 election, even though many of you were born in the year 1864, hell we even had a few voters from 1750. Thank you so much for your vote!” Biden shouted across the deserted windy cemetery.

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Walking through the cemetery where the Democrat voters voted for Biden, the president unelect even stopped at a few gravestones to thank the dead Democrat voters personally.

“I am so happy to see you are all social distancing today, six feet under.

“Jeremiah Mulroney, born 1876, died 1904, your vote for me in the 2020 election counted. Lookee over here, Nora Schmidt, born 1756, died 1815, you are a great inspiration to the Democrat party, your vote for me in 2020 helped us beat Donald Trump, the meanest sumbitch on this planet!”

After speaking to the gravestones for over half an hour, Biden left the cemetery himself in a hearse. He will be cremated some time in January.