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Seoul Crush – A Symptom of Overpopulation?

SEOUL - S. Korea - The death of hundreds of people over the weekend in a tight alleyway could very well be a symptom of overpopulation.

The terrible scenes of mass crowds crushing each other in Seoul, S. Korea are not only an analogy for overpopulation but a symptom of it. This is what happens when you squeeze people together like fucking rats in a barrel.

Anyone with any sense would walk away from even a sniff of such a crowd from far away, but another variable of a dumbed down population could be added to the crushing mix, as these lemmings walked willingly into their own massacre like moths attracted to a flickering lightbulb.

Overpopulation, especially in South East Asia is a horrendous problem, and as it presents a huge problem across the globe, it causes nothing but misery and death.

Death, not only of humans, but of the entire environment and earth’s finite resources. Already it is too late for the planet as it stands, as education within populations to not overbreed should have been completed over 50 years ago. All it would have taken was to inculcate a program where people were discouraged from having more than one or two children. As mentioned before, it is too late for that as the irreparable damage has already been committed to the planet and atmosphere.

The globe is now coming ever closer to the point where nations and superpower blocs will have to fight for the last remaining earth’s resources.

Remember, there can be only one winner in the New World Order.

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