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Going Rogue Harry Memoir to Throw Grenades at Royals

MONTECITO - USA - Prince Harry and his memoir will reveal nasty inside information that will permanently damage the Royal family, House of Windsor.

Egged on by his manipulative controlling wife, prince Harry will release his anti-monarchist book attacking the Windsor Royal family in January.

Meghan Markle has stated that she will be very disappointed with her cowering husband if he dares to water down the ghost written attack on the royals, and has threatened Harry with divorce. Because she insisted on a move to California, the divorce courts would grant her with 90% of the assets and also full custody of the children leaving Harry destitute.

“Harry is caught between a rock and a hard place. He won’t be able to return to the UK after all he has done and Meghan, as a US citizen has all the support of the divorce courts,” an observer revealed.

Meanwhile,  back in Blighty, the Royal House of Windsor is caught in the headlights, because Harry is set to throw some serious grenades in their general direction.

Royal expert, Emental Mulrones suspects this is the end of the line for Harry, regarding his Royal status.

“The Royal family are a very important component to British society and the economy. Every year they bring in millions of pounds in revenue to the country from tourism alone. To have the Royal House tarnished in such an awful way would permanently damage its reputation. Not only that, but Harry is now a severe security risk and will cause more ruin to the economy of the UK which is already under serious strain.”

Meghan Markle’s mission from the beginning was to ruin the British Royal family, and she has used Harry as a battering ram to beat down the castle walls very successfully.

“The worst part of this nightmare is that the Royal family does nothing as it is attacked daily. If King Charles III does not act decisively and strip those two miscreants of their title which has been abused and sullied, then he himself will be to blame for the downfall of the House of Windsor,” Mulrones added.


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