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Not Cricket Anymore: Yorkshire Cricket Club Marred by “White Flight”

YORKSHIRE - England - The phenomenon of white flight has been witnessed at the Yorkshire Cricket Club as dozens of board members and the CEO have left, after a racism scandal.

It’s just not cricket anymore, especially if the all famous Yorkshire Cricket Club is now manned by non Englishmen, as all the actual English have deserted the place. Cricket for gawds sake is an Englishman’s game, and in the spirit of the Empire was exported across the world accordingly. As in all these race related cases, the hinterland of the English core is eviscerated by the well-known phenomenon of “White Flight”.

“What is the world coming to when a born and bred Englishman, a bona fide tea swilling bowling and batting cucumber sandwich munching Yorkshireman cannot call anyone with a brown complexion, a p@ki, or w*g? It’s all part of being English, and has been for centuries, a devout tradition, however these words are generally not uttered with mischief, more as a traditional trademark remark at the darkies encountered whilst trouncing around the globe during the days of exploration and Empire building. The funny thing is they’re all over here now, as times have changed. The p@kis, w*gs, n%ggers, and ch!nks are now taking over entire towns, and our sports clubs. Anyway, I’m off to the p*ki shop to get some fags, then me and the lads are going to get a ch*nky. See you’se all later,” one man remarked outside the cricket club on hearing of the news.

Even Queen Elizabeth I used to rant at the multitude of blackamoores infiltrating the capital city during her reign. The Tudor regent complained about the influx in 1596, her majesty issued an “open letter” to the Lord Mayor of London, announcing that “there are of late divers blackamoores brought into this realme, of which kinde of people there are allready here to manie,” and ordering that they be deported from the country. One week later, she reiterated her “good pleasure to have those kinde of people sent out of the lande” Finally, in 1601, she complained again about the “great numbers of Negars and Blackamoors which (as she is informed) are crept into this realm,” defamed them as “infidels, having no understanding of Christ or his Gospel,” and, one last time, authorized their deportation.

It’s okay though, there is no reason to be ashamed of being English, because one can only be English if you are white, with a lineage dating back centuries within the British Isles. Anyone else calling themselves English, are seriously deluding themselves, even if you were born on this island in an English county somewhere. You may be British, but not English. That’s why seeing black players, mainly of Jamaican origin, in the England football team calling themselves English is an anomalous mistake, which should invariably lead to the creation of a British football team some time in the future, maybe.

There is the outsider possibility however that things may be changing these days, however this is an unrealistic dream. When at home watching the news, or reading some horrid news article, it is a given home pleasure that names are called out in disgust at the actions of ‘these’ people. To make a big hoo ha about naming races in public, only takes the words home, where they are uttered with even more effect and pleasure. No one can thus stop you doing that, unless you’ve been fooled into buying one of those Orwellian Alexa listening devices in your home, then you may hear a knock on your door some day.

Institutions live and die, they fade away eventually as much as anything else, and the Yorkshire Cricket Club may have succumbed to a heap of board members and CEO resignations. The rolling hills of Yorkshire will continue to roll, and the towns full of curry restaurants and calls to prayer will continue to do their business.

None of the people who demand instant change understand the history of things. They are seriously deluded that banning a few words to describe things can be changed overnight. It is possibly a symptom of the Amazon era, who demand things immediately. These idiots are ignorant to the history of Britain; of the battles fought, of the major conflicts over the ages, and the institutions built from these wars of difference. They are ignorant of the regional differences in Britain, from area to area, worlds within worlds, and communities that are entrenched in an old world system that is simply impenetrable to fast change. Frankly, if you have no knowledge of anything and its intricate variables, you have no fucking business meddling in any of it. To barge into Yorkshire Cricket Club and demand people act in a certain way that pleases you is not only arrogant and invasive but wrong on many levels. Result = white flight. Shit, it’s happening in cities, towns, villages, neighbourhoods all over the world right now. Hush though, ‘white flight’ does not officially exist. Shhhhh…

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