Macron Giving Maps of Britain to Migrants Crossing Channel Illegally

CALAIS - France - Macron has ordered his operatives on the French shores to give illegal migrants maps, money to assist them in reaching Britain's shores.

illegal economic migrants

It’s 4 am along the French coast, and as another flotilla of ramshackle dinghies full of illegal economic immigrants wanting to cross into Britain prepare to set sail, French officials are handing out maps and essential information on how to claim British benefits once landing.

“We coach them on what to say or not to say. Their Rosbif Channel Crossing Package contains many things, a few croissants and raspberry jam, some maps and guides on how to receive maximum benefits from the British authorities. Macron has a yearly quota on how many of these undesirables we must send to Britain, he even gives prizes to the team that sends the most migrants to the stupid English cochons, who are stuck with these people once they land on their shores. Halfway across the Channel our naval escort ships let go of the tow-ropes and the pawns are in British asshole waters, then it is only a short ride to shore where their coastguard helps them,” Pierre Benoit, a liaison officer for the French Migrant Crossing Aid section in Calais revealed to Euronews.

The British government is paying the French authorities millions of taxpayer’s money to supposedly stop the vast influx of illegal dinghy crossings, but it seems the French are receiving the money and encouraging more migrant crossings per annum.

Orders from Paris, and Macron, come pretty fast, and today, Monsieur Benoit of Calais is handing out hard cash incentives to the voyagers about to embark on their journey to dumping ground Britain.

“President Macron says better to pay little for the scum to invade Britain and cause them decades of expensive welfare payments to these animals, than France dealing with the problem caused by unfettered mass migration due to its own EU Schengen Policy. We give them a few pounds Sterling each and tell them to enjoy themselves in Britain, where their social care system is so well funded. Imagine, each of these migrants crossing will cause generations of welfare and housing payments for the British Rosbifs. Let them pay for it! Here you go, are you crossing today? If you do, I give you £10.”

Call it Brexit punishment or destabilisation, whatever it is, the French and EU are actively and overtly, without even a hint of mystery or secrecy trying to punish and hurt these British Isles, and it seems the current administration, although meaning well, are caught firmly in the headlights.

As the flotilla of illegal migrants leaves the shores of France at dawn on the way to Britain, Monsieur Benoit and his team wave goodbye to a problem leaving France and being dumped in the UK. It is another good day for Macron and the EU’s devout vendetta against Britain, to punish the British who dared to try to leave the EU.

“They [the British] must be punished, and their guillotined heads must be shown to the rest of the EU states. Dare to leave the EU and this is what happens! We will not stop our many schemes to punish the Rosbifs for daring to leave the EU.”