Black People Feel Protective Over Meghan Markle

LOS ANGELES - USA - For many black people, Meghan Markle is their champion, and they feel protective of her from all the vitriol.

queen meghan markle

Even though Meghan Markle is not black, she uses poor black people for her own agenda of appearing to be a global ambassador for everything black if it suits her monetary agenda. Black people do not realise they are being used by her for monetary purposes. This form of virtue signalling is of course not new in any capacity, and is utilised by multiple celebrities to upgrade their fake public image and open monetary opportunities with charities and other companies that use other people’s poverty for financial gain. Some celebrities even go as far as to go and adopt a token African boy/girl from the African continent to bring back to Hollywood-land to show off to their celebrity friends and prove their fake benevolence to them.

Suits her

markle bio caucasianSeeing as Meghan Markle has a black mother, it is to this nature that when she wants to use the ‘black’ card or the ever useful ‘racism card’ she uses it to her advantage at every opportunity. One only has to reference her turbulent short-lived misadventure with the British royal family and the fireworks created by her power play to rise above blood royals.

Most of her life, Markle was never around African Americans, and her privileged upbringing at private schools funded by her father, as well as her career in Hollywood, was mostly around white people. She in fact labelled herself as Caucasian in multiple online acting profiles during her short acting career.

Whatever the situation, or to whatever her benefit, Markle is a master in manipulation, siding with whoever is of use to her at any point of her money making projects.

For this person she is black if it benefits her, for that person, she is white if it benefits her. With pale skin, she is still accepted and adored by black people who desperately need someone to champion for their cause, and to white liberal people she is viewed as a champion in some capacity, possibly as someone to sate their white guilt, or as an exotic. Whichever way, Markle uses her biracial status as a useful tool to get ahead in a world which is fractured racially, none more so than American society.

The West is at the moment witnessing a Woke ‘awakening’ amongst the bleeding heart liberal whites who decry their own history and culture, and this is where Meghan Markle fits in perfectly. She is a chameleon, a master of disguise, and if her ‘fans’ realised what they were really dealing with or how they had been terribly exploited, they would baulk in disgust. Luckily for Markle, her average fan has the IQ of a piece of lettuce, so she will never be in peril of ever being found out.

For others, who see this person as she really is, to see her exploiting poor black kids in Harlem, or in a township in Johannesburg for her own greedy agenda is truly a despicable sight. Markle is viewed as a black royal, even though she does not have an ounce of royal blood in her, but that is always ignored when defending her endless mishaps and fake benevolence.

One way or another, black people are being taken for a ride, and many refuse to ever acknowledge the terrible truth about this calculating person, who they adore unconditionally and accept as their own.