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Beijing Using Race to Divide and Conquer the West

BEIJING - China - Chief policy technicians in the CCP are utilising Woke race techniques to divide and conquer the West. To demoralize nations creating division and hatred.

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We in the West have never been so divided and polarised right now, especially after decades of so-called peaceful multicultural mixing. What is the reason for the current Woke Marxist malaise that is being poured over Western culture like raw, festering sewage from the bowels of our great cities?

The Chinese are one of the most racist people, who decry foreigners whenever in their country, and yet the CCP planners found a crack in Western civilisation they could exploit freely with great rewards of bringing it down in one fell swoop without a single bullet being fired — race.

China coronavirus death toll“Our technique is to make you Westerners question your very fabric of existence, your history, your sexuality, your femininity, your masculinity. Our aim is to make you hate yourselves, every part of yourselves, your skin colour, your ancestors, and your nation. Once we demoralize your nation and its people completely, we will eventually move in and be welcomed by your people with open arms. Our soldiers will then detain your population and incinerate you by the million, daily the chimneys will smoke, until America is ready for Chinese people to move in. We need the space, we need your resources. In China, we hate black people, they are viewed as primates, but we support BLM and ANTIFA because we are using stupid black people in Western nations, and deluded Marxists for our agenda of division. All those who took our money, who we paid off to sell out your own country, we promised you amnesty, but you will die too because how can we ever trust anyone who sold out their own country?” the CCP’s key clandestine operations chief revealed on Sunday.

Conceptual artist – Fan Wennan – https://www.artstation.com/artwork/28l9Ra – People’s Union of America

Through ‘useful-idiot’ groups like BLM, and ANTIFA, the hierarchy of which do not care one iota about race yet use it as an agitation divisive tool, are all partly funded by China, as are many Democrat Party members who allegedly take backhanders from companies and individuals close to the CCP.

Divide and conquer, is an old tool utilised by armies and entities from the beginning of time, and this is what the Chinese are utilising on the West right now. For the Chinese, they are proud of their nation, patriotism and nationalism are encouraged as well as duty to the communist state. In this respect, Chinese people are indoctrinated since childhood to think they are the best of all nations in the world. In China, apart from a few cities, foreigners are not tolerated, because they are such an inherently racist nation themselves, their people despise other races vehemently, yet use internalized racism as a weapon in Western nations.

Big tech companies are entrenched in China, and have even adopted the CCP methods of mass censorship and totalitarian rule. Silicon Valley is full of Chinese agents and money. There are plans to adopt the CCP model of the Social Credit System in the West policed by Western Big Tech companies. This dystopian nightmare scenario would involve every Western citizen being rated to CCP ideals and punished if their scores are below average.

Infiltration through Western universities; the Confucius Institute, through employment in Western companies, through Western military research, through buying off politicians in the West, acquiring Western companies with Chinese money, and through Hollywood film studios taking Chinese finance deals, it is all encompassing. It may take decades to remove Chinese monetary influence in the West if started today, however it is so entrenched, and most times hidden, nothing will ever happen. The West is compromised, Democracy has been lost as witnessed by Big Tech censorship, and it is only a matter of time, with the likes of Biden that America will be divided to such an extent that it will descend into civil war, much to the joy of Beijing, who are daily watching the various skirmishes going on.

“It is delightful for us to watch you Westerners tear each other apart, and destroy your own history. The more you hate yourselves, the happier we get. We want you to fight each other, to demoralize your nation and people, it is a beautiful sight for the CCP to see their plans being enabled with such ease,” the operations chief added.

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