Bored in Permanent Lockdown? Play COVIDOPOLY for Hours of Family Fun – Donations Go to NHS Charities

BRISTOL - England - COVIDOPOLY is an innovative take on the famous property-based game, and is released by Home Leisure Direct for free.


Has 2020 been a shit year? Of course, it has, but how about bringing some humour into these dark times, they say laughter is the best medicine, and that’s why you have to play COVIDOPOLY.

The wonderful, innovative folk at Home Leisure Direct have just released COVIDOPOLY on their website for people to download for free.

Based on the famous property-based board game users can accrue points by working their way around the board and visiting ‘places’ like ‘Joe Wicks Workout’ and ‘Existential Crisis’.


Players can lose money and turns by self-isolating after attending illegal raves or getting snitched on by nosey neighbours. Day trips to Barnard Castle when a player should have been in self-isolation incur no penalties. Users can choose to make a donation to NHS Charities after downloading the pieces, board and cards for the game.

Pieces for the game (available as 2D downloads) include pandemic favourites like grounded aeroplanes, a pizza delivery driver and, of course, a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Covidopoly game piece downloads 

If you enjoyed playing the game why not make a donation to NHS charity here