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How the Once Great City of Minneapolis Was Lost

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - The tragic fall of the once great city of Minneapolis is a tragedy that is being repeated across many other American cities.

Just like every city in America which has been infiltrated by the socialist Democrat Party, the severe decline and fall of these urban areas has been precipitous. Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia to name a few. The only good thing to come out of Minneapolis was the music and performances of Prince Rogers Nelson, but he himself succumbed to the evil of the city’s decline by becoming addicted to heavy drugs like Fentanyl, which eventually caused his untimely death. To see such a musical talent reduced to that level of desperation was a truly sad sight to see, but his music will live on amongst many.

What happened to Minneapolis is a dead ringer for every other liberal controlled city in America where drug addicts are encouraged, where crime goes unpunished and where Democrats spend huge federal budgets on socialist projects that help no one but the useless liberal organisations that take the money, spend it on nothing and go bankrupt. It is the same story in the UK of course, and the EU, but in America everything is amplified and bigger.


George Floyd Street or whatever it is called now in Minneapolis is the ground zero for the continued death of the city, where his cause is championed by parasitic elements like BLM. The corrupt BLM utilise black people in America to bring in vast amounts of money into their bank accounts, which they do not give back to the black community. Their Marxist officials and ideology are steeped in corruption and racism towards white people in America. Their modus operandi is to make as much money from the suffering and exploitation of others and to create more racist polarisation, riots, looting, chaos and disorder. Inevitably, the people who suffer most after BLM incites and encourages another riot are the very people who burn down their own neighbourhood — black people.

ANTIFA were another group who descended onto Minneapolis. They came mainly from Portland, Oregon, an insipid suppurating socialist drug infested shithole full of so-called progressives who all look and act like cavemen. The ANTIFA ideology of choice is of course communism, much the same as BLM. All of these nasty elements make up a filthy soup of turds, especially when they converge onto any city. That’s basically what happened to Minneapolis, and from there it never really recovered, and seeing as the liberals now have a firm hold on the place, there is no hope for a recovery.

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