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Education: When You Can’t Even Read at 21

ATLANTA - USA - Is education failing in the West? Why are some sections of society failing so badly while others are excelling?

The following video illustrates one of the major hurdles we have as a society trying to integrate many different cultures and races into Western society. There is a disparity between IQ as a whole between some sections of the world, as opposed to others and the sad fact is that because leaders are so fearful of being labelled as ‘racist’ the disparity only gets wider until eventually it will explode in extreme violent civil conflict. It seems the education systems in the West can only go so far, especially when it is deemed as ‘uncool’ by some sections of society to be educated.


The highly controversial subject of IQ differences between global peoples has been effectively shut down by the censors, but it is still there and will exist until one day these censors address the problem head on. By continually burying the problem by utilising the evil of censorship, the problem is exasperated further and further, creating even worse problems. One could even postulate that the modern education systems deployed are dumbing down exercises, built to accommodate the low IQ sections of the spectrum. Those who have higher IQs therefore have to exist within this inferior system designed to brutalise true knowledge and education.

To even suggest that people of the Sub-Saharan gene pool, wherever they exist, have a lower IQ level is a dangerous precept to acknowledge, but scientific study after scientific study has come to the same conclusion, and the results are seen every day where these people inhabit the cities and countries not only in their own continent but in the West where they have proliferated.

Maybe modern technological advances may be able to cure these fundamental problems with IQ disparity, for example if these individuals are linked up to a neural network of some sort so they can actually function at a normal level. In many respects, and for huge swathes of society, ‘education’ has been a failure, either in its initial design and construct or because they have rejected it from the beginning.

Until that day comes, however, our Western cities will be inhabited and ruined by these elements who in their tiny capacity for expression and knowledge can only relay extreme violence, theft and destruction of anything that is civilised.

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  1. Those two geniuses will be either dead or in jail soon. This is good the dumber the better blacks >>> they never learn>

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