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Beyond Satire: Minneapolis to Pay BLM Rioters For Burning Down City

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - Beyond words and beyond satire, city legislators are to pay BLM rioters $600,000 for rioting and burning down the city.

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Socialist thought and insanity go hand in hand it seems in American Democrat states. The city of Minneapolis are to pay BLM looters and arsonists who practically levelled the city with their riots.

Get Paid to Riot

“We are going to pay each and every BLM rioter who burned large swathes of the city down. Thank you for your service. The $600,000 will go to you buying more Molotov cocktails, and guns, so you can loot the city more efficiently next time. Many hard-working business people deserve to have their shops burned down by angry mobs of BLM looters. They deserve to be punished, and to lose their livelihoods, and for the city of Minneapolis legislators to award thousands of dollars to the very people who burned down police stations and hundreds of businesses to the ground. We honour you with this money. Why not invest in a condo in Hawaii, like BLM chief Marxist Cullors did with the millions of dollars she stole to fund her property empire? Remember, it’s not about helping black people, but about profiting off their misery and also burning down their businesses and neighbourhoods to the ground. Please carry on. We are insane…waaah, goo, goo, blanca, mamon bumba…blurb…bzzzzt! Here, have some more cash. Remember folks, it pays to commit heinous crimes in Minneapolis.”

BLM Peaceful Protests

The city of Minneapolis has agreed to a settlement involving a dozen people who were allegedly injured during the protests and riots after the death of George Floyd in 2020.

In a Wednesday press release, the Minnesota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced that Minneapolis will pay $600,000 to be split among the 12 plaintiffs, meaning they each will get $50,000. ACLU was one of three firms who banded together in a class action lawsuit on behalf of the demonstrators. The case stems from two separate lawsuits that were consolidated.

business burned to the ground by BLM, buckled ash in the fire continues in Minneapolis
Business burned to the ground. Result of Minneapolis rioting and arson by peaceful BLM protesters

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  1. I’m going to buy a one way ticket straight to Minneapolis. Damn, you get paid to riot loot and burn buildings down. It don’t get better than that.

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