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Biden’s US Economy is a Sinking Turd

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - According to Biden and the Democrats, the US economy couldn't be in better shape.

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“This turd don’t even float, man, it’s a sinking turd,” Alan Jaminski, a prominent economist revealed on Tuesday.

“According to Joe Biden’s people, everything is A-OK and dandy in the economy. Businesses are making huge profits and consumers are lapping that shit like it’s honey from a fat bee’s asshole. Well, take a walk through any strip mall, or mall, and you can see the real America for yourself. People? Where are the fuckin’ people? Look at the damn prices, and you may get a clue why folks aren’t crowding around to buy stuff anymore. Supply lines are cut, farmers can’t afford fertiliser or to feed their livestock, businesses can’t get the right goods or spare parts, and consumers can’t afford to pay the huge price increases of products. But, don’t worry, it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse soon, just wait and see. While Biden is twiddling his thumbs and sleeping on his plush pillow, the economy is going to fall like a motherfuckin’ brick…hopefully on Sleepy Joe’s fuckin’ head, so the old senile coot wakes up a lil.”

While the Christmas shoppers stay at home and try to warm themselves off the heat from the Christmas tree lights, America’s malls are empty. These vast spaces, immaculately cleaned and designed to maximise the shopping experience for America’s consumers, are mostly empty and loaded with unsold stock. Rows and rows of shelves with expensive stock fill these empty stores, and one wonders, how do these businesses stay afloat?

The Big Short

You want to invest in the stock market? Hell, first you have to do your research in the real world. Go to an empty mall and look around. All of this shit is not mentioned in any spreadsheet or Wall Street periodical, or the government. Instead, there is a huge hush, a silence over the magnitude of this cost of living nightmare that could even spell the end of the entire premise of a ‘consumer culture’.

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