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PROPERTY EMPIRE: BLM Co-founder Profits Off the Misery of Black People

NASSAU - Bahamas - BLM Co-founder, Patrice Cullors enjoys her multi-million dollar properties thanks to donations made from supporters.

Self-confessed Marxist, Patrice Cullors is nothing but a greed-driven fraudster who is using the plight of African Americans through the BLM organisation to build a vast multi-million dollar property empire.

“We take the donations, the Soros money, and we do not help the millions of African Americans struggling under the poverty line. Instead, I just bought some million dollar real estate folks. Thank you for your donation you motherfucking suckers!” Cullors was quoted from her new $1.4 million property in an exclusively white neighbourhood, Topanga, California.

The donations that suckers sent in to the BLM bank accounts in 2020 alone amounted to $90 million, with $21.7 million donated by grant funding from American taxpayers. Only a tiny fraction of that money, less than 2% was allegedly used to help African Americans.

BLM Co-Founder’s Jail Reform Group Dropped $26,000 At Luxury Malibu Beach Resort

“My real estate portfolio is now worth over $5 million and this is just the beginning folks, but, ahem, the offshore accounts where your BLM donations are held are in safe hands. Next week I’m looking at acquiring more real estate in the Bahamas, thanks to your BLM donations, the seaside home in the exclusive Albany resort where property costs between 5-20 million dollars will be mine as well. Keep those donations flowing folks, I’m praying for another white cop to shoot a black person on film.”

Ignorance they say is bliss, and that is the state of most BLM followers who blindly give millions of dollars in donations every year to Patrice Cullors and her accomplices so they can live a life of absolute luxury off the backs of struggling African Americans.

Who said slavery was dead? It’s alive and kicking with the BLM slave masters at the top of the chain.

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