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Myth Debunked: Can You Win Real Money from A Casino Bonus?

LONDON - England - Getting a casino bonus from an online gaming site is definitely a positive aspect of playing to make money.

One of the most unique and interesting aspects of online casinos are definitely the bonuses. Players can earn a variety of freebies online and play with them. Sometimes, you can even get a bonus for free, although the terms for cashing it out will definitely involve some restrictions.

With so many bonuses to claim, there’s a heated debate among new players if they can win real money with a bonus. Some say that it’s possible, others are adamant that getting the real money out is impossible.

We’re here to debunk the myth and tell you how to choose the best casino deposit bonus and win real money.

The Different Types of Casino Bonuses

Before we go on, let’s talk a bit about the types of bonuses you can earn. Nearly all casinos online offer a deposit bonus as a welcome offer. It might come with or without a batch of free spins.

Deposit bonuses are only available after you make a deposit. You will get double the money to play with in most casinos, but it can cover a smaller portion of your deposit too.

Then there’s the no deposit bonus, the players’ Holy Grail. While popular, this bonus is rare and smaller than deposit bonuses, which is to be expected. No deposit bonuses don’t require you to fund your account first. Think of them as free money to play with, but they’re still subject to terms and conditions you must complete before requesting a withdrawal.

Slot players can enjoy plenty of free spins bonuses, while regulars and high rollers will benefit from loyalty rewards.

There are plenty of bonuses to earn in online casinos, but before you proceed claiming one, we strongly recommend reading the terms and conditions.

Wagering Requirements

The first thing you’ll notice under the T&Cs are the wagering requirements. They describe the number of times you have to turn (play) the bonus over before you can make a withdrawal. These are usually written under the bonus offer itself – for example, it might say wagering at 25x. If you’ve claimed a 100% bonus offer up to £100, you’ll have to wager the extra £100 25 times before you can get your winnings out.

To put it simply, you can win real money from a casino bonus, but you can’t get it out so easily.

Wagering requirements are in place to prevent bonus frauds. The casino might hand you some extra pounds for free, but it must earn something itself too. That’s why there are terms and conditions to any bonus you must read before claiming.

If you fail to complete the wagering in the pre-determined period, you’ll lose the bonus funds. It’s that simple. They’re essentially the fine line between winning real money from a bonus and losing it.

Bonuses are a great way to play with extra cash and possibly win more. However, if you want to keep those winnings, you will need to complete the T&Cs.

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