Millions Britons Queue to Get Infected by Coronavirus

LONDON - England - As the pubs and shops open, people are now queueing to get infected and spread the virus further.

keep on spreading that virus

With the multiple coronavirus mutations still around, and continually adapting, Britons were today queuing outside shops and pubs, so they can once again restart the cycle of COVID-19 by getting infected.

Israeli data shows South African variant able to ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine

If the Pfizer vaccine is useless to the South African variant, it can be assumed the Oxford vaccine is not far behind in uselessness to the deadly variant.

As we have already written, the virus needs to eat, and the human meat sacks have to be out and about for that to happen. For the virus to continue, it needs footfall, it needs shoppers, pub goers, etc because without footfall and human physical interaction it will not be able to spread. This is why the virus is now sighing in abject relief, because it can breathe again, it can spread once more, and it will start the cycle as before with more humans infected.

Now is therefore the time to prepare with further food supplies, water, distillation equipment, because this thing is not going away any time soon. Much like the Day of the Triffids, the people queuing in shops and crowding pubs today are reminiscent of those who watched the wonderful firework displays in the skies only the next day to lose their sight.

When the schools open next week, things will get even worse. Add in the international holidays and one can only imagine what will happen.

The majority of the population cannot control their consumerist or social programming, and they are the ones the virus is seriously counting on right now.