Prepare For Fourth Wave: Open Schools in March

LONDON - England - Opening schools in March, we must prepare for a fourth wave of new deadlier covid strains to spread further into population centres.

One of the prominent signs of madness is repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting a different result. It has been proven that opening schools increases the rate of infection yet here we go again, with a threat to open schools again in March.

The increase in footfall alone will result in asymptomatic carriers of the new strains of virus to firmly find a foothold in the population centres. The deadly South African and Brazilian strains, along with the easily transmitted Kent strain will surge forward as new human hosts enter the arena.

Yes, everyone would love things to go back to normal, and for kids to attend schools again, but should we force them to do so in such deadly times as this?

No one is talking about transmission through the eyes, as 99% of people do not wear eye coverings. Furthermore, the majority of the population do not wear N95 rated masks at least. Any other mask used is useless to the new strains of covid moving through the population. Unless you wear eye protection and a proper mask, forget about it.

To once again fill those overcrowded classrooms with children is not only a death sentence for the elderly but eventually the teachers and parents will be infected. This is how the first, second, third happened and the fourth wave will be the deadliest because it will involve the deadlier imported strains.

You have been indoctrinated as consumers to purchase expensive summer holidays over many decades. You have to book your holiday even though the globe is wracked by a vicious pandemic at various stages. It is this form of irrational uncontrolled behaviour that will increase infection levels — aw, just because you had to have your fucking holiday. Well, when you’re on a ventilator or one of your loved ones are, you can reminisce about your wonderful holiday in the sun for that last time before they put you under.

Unless people and governments understand the seriousness of this pandemic then we are doomed to an eternal circle of death. Fuck the economy, fuck your summer holidays and fuck schools, death is real, and so is covid. The despicable people who deny covid’s existence are also culprits in this eternal circle of hell.

We are all being led by dinosaurs from an old system that does not work any more, and a population indoctrinated by the same defunct system. All of these sordid moribund equations will lead us all to death.


We as humans embrace real change, and adapt a real defensive yet offensive position to all facets of education/business/governance the waves will continue ad infinitum.

Madness, is continuing on doing the same thing over, and opening schools in March will continue this useless deadly madness. Fourth, fifth, sixth waves onwards.