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Secretive BLM Directive and Flash Robberies Across Democrat Run States

CALIFORNIA - USA - Socialist-run American states are seeing a spate of flash robberies after the acquittal decision of Kyle Rittenhouse.


Immediately after the Kenosha acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, the flash robberies began across mainly socialist run states. Organised secretly via some Whatsapp clone, these BLM flash robberies are seen as reparations by the black community, as if they are owed these things they are looting for some perceived racial ‘injustice’.

No American news media dares to even address the race of the perpetrators of these crimes, and most TV news outlets only refer to them as ‘young people’ when in reality it is obvious who is committing these cowardly crimes.

Flash mob robberies have occurred many times in the past, the August 9, 2014 shooting of Michael Brown by a white policeman caused many weeks of flash robberies and arson.

The George Floyd death at the hands of another white policeman caused vast amounts of looting and flash mob robberies all across Democrat-run states, similar to what is going on right now.

Why just Democrat-run states? Generally, these are easy pickings for the criminals because they know these states are run by socialists who punish the police and even in some states try to outlaw and defund all police departments. One only has to look at Minneapolis, where the 3rd precinct police HQ for Minneapolis, is still in an abandoned state, even after an entire year passed since the BLM riots. Furthermore, flash robbers know, even if they get caught in a socialist-run state, they will simply be patted on the back and freed within an hour with no charges. American socialists actually cheer when they see their own stores being looted because for them, it is their own self-hatred of their own kind that is reaffirmed by the looters looting their own businesses. No Republican-run states would tolerate such actions, therefore the African Americans leave those states alone for easy pickings in socialist states.

Because the African American people have achieved little or nothing in increasing their collective wealth over 100s of years even when they have had trillions of dollars thrown at them and infinite instances of affirmative action, many feel naturally jealous of others who work hard and create their own wealth. The Korean community, the Italians, the Irish, the Chinese, the Indians and other East Asians have all excelled greatly in America whilst the African American community only looks on holding their EBT cards in their lazy, incompetent hands. Of course, sports, and rapping are an element of African American success, and one way they have excelled in current times, but the beauty of African American music has all but disappeared since they have ruined the Music Biz with their Autotuned template music that makes each song indistinguishable from any other.

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