The Glory of a Blacked Oscars

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood has never encountered such a colourful Oscars night as the unfettered violence flowed with gusto across TV screens around the globe.

You can’t get more black than that, violence and the purity of angry expletive ridden exchanges. The Oscars have truly shown the colours of blackness that have infiltrated Hollywood in its dark final declining years. Sure, BLM would be proud to see their beastly working methods utilised so well, that of brute force, vulgarity and sheer stupidity. Just imagine the furore if a white actor had gone up on stage to slap Chris Rock?

Black privilege 

One Oscar attendee quipped: “No doubt Will whatever-his-name Smith will receive multiple token acting job offers after his Oscars performance. Everything is down to quotas these days, you gotta employ people who ain’t qualified for the job a lot of the time, and Will Smith is as robotic as they come. His acting is so wooden, at times it is hard to distinguish between Smith and the furniture on set, but he gets paid gazillions of dollars for mediocrity because of the colour of his skin.”

Indeed, it is nigh on impossible to make a historical period drama these days without African American celebrities who can barely act being unceremoniously plonked into roles that they should not be in. It’s just a case of rolling one’s eyes again as history is once again defiled by the Hollywood quota fillers.

The 2022 Oscars also highlighted the awful statistics of black on black violence, something BLM ignores completely. BLM only activates its loot-worthy destructive capabilities when a poor white person is involved in the mix, plus the incident has to be filmed by some bystander (preferably also black) with a phone. If those components are not present in the equation, then it ain’t worth shit. For BLM, thousands of blacks shooting each other in Chicago monthly ain’t worth a squirt of piss, nada, nothing. Black lives don’t seem to matter when it’s black on black violence.

This is truly a renaissance for the Oscars, though. In the next five to ten years, all the Oscars will be black. There will be no more crackers allowed, and Oscar night will be a form of bloodletting where burly brain-dead savage brutes duke it out, shrieking mamas pull out each other’s hair weaves in screaming animalistic ratchet fights and everyone has a cook-out afterwards on stage to celebrate with even more violence. World Star-r-r!