Global Power Britain Leads the Way During Ukraine Crisis Despite Brexit Doomsayers

LONDON - England - Brexit Britain has shown itself to be a leading global power with its decisive forthright response to the Ukraine crisis despite Remoaner and EU negativity.

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The Remoaners who constantly bleated that Britain would be weaker after Brexit have had to eat their poisonous words as the Ukraine crisis has shown the UK leading the world with its actions in the war. Even Vladimir Putin has been surprised by the immense power wielded by a supposedly weakened country.

The EU Soviet bloc of former countries have also shown some form of unity, albeit in their own chaotic fashion, however the EU could not match Britain’s decisive lightning response to the Russian invasion. With Britain’s military response in aiding Ukrainian troops giving them the necessary equipment to counteract the Russian assault, and comprehensive sanctions, the intended Russki blitzkrieg was thwarted. This is in stark contrast to the EU where German and French companies are still doing business in Russia with no plans to stop despite war crimes and atrocities being reported daily.

Behind both the UK’s and EU’s support of course there was the US response, but Joe Biden supposedly leading his nation resulted in a slow, weak and sclerotic result. At times, Biden has even aided the enemy with his unscripted idiotic comments.

Britain through its strength in Brexit has shone through the negative bluster of the treacherous Remoaner class and put them to shame.