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Thankfully No Riots, Looting After Black Cops Beat Black Man

MEMPHIS - USA - Rioters and looters are confused and are holding off in the latest tragic death of a black citizen at the hands of black police officers.

Many members of BLM and ANTIFA, were today in a state of confusion because the policemen who beat and murdered another black man were also black themselves. Usually black on black crime receives little or no attention by activist groups despite it being the cause of many more deaths per year than any other factor.

“I is confused. I dunno wut ta do? Da cops were not white. Ma mand is kinna confused. Imma aks y’all to hoald off untils we’s fand a white connection or sum shiet lak dat,” a BLM chapter chief in the area told followers.


The tragic death of Tyre Nichols is still under investigation at the hands of five black police officers.

“Mebbe der wuz a whiatte man controllin da black officers wit a remote control or summin lak dat! We investigatating da situationz! Da cops wuz ordered to beat dat brudder man. I aks masseilf I aks why dey do it?”

Some social media activists were on Twitter and Facebook suggesting that the cops who beat Tyre Nichols were white cops with black face paint.

Thankfully, there will be no chaotic riots and looting all across America’s cities because no white cops were involved in the tragedy that led to the untimely death of Tyre Nichols. R.I.P.

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  1. We waitn fo nex cracka cop beatin vid so we can do loot n riot then. Jus aint rite to loot now bros involved.

  2. If those were white cops Memphis would be burning rightnow. Give it a week or so and this will be forgotten.

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