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The Dawn of AI: Russia Will Now Fall Technologically Behind

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - We are witnessing the dawn of AI and other massive technological advances that could see pariah Russia fall behind.


Already, it is evident that Russia is ill-equipped and technologically inferior on the battlefield, resorting to aged subaltern equipment and tactics not seen since World War I. Putin, the almighty saviour of Russia as he sees himself has condemned his nation’s people to isolation and pariah status. Removed from the rest of the world apart from a few so-called allies, Russia will now be an outsider and not benefit from the great technological leap forward.

In terms of technology, artificial intelligence will completely change Western society and the developing nations who are not pariahs. The Chinese cannot steal everything, although they have certainly tried with their multiple agents implanted in the West.

As the West moves forward, Russia is moving backwards. The entirety of their existence will be reduced to that of almost Stone Age proportions, a sorry sad shadow of its former self, and the mere thought of what that nation could have achieved will bring forth only tears of anguish along with frustration with a leader who condemned the country’s people to a form of purgatory on the world stage.

If Russia were to withdraw their forces from Ukraine and halt their needless aggression, there would be a remote chance of reconciliation eventually, however much blood has already spilled and along with countless examples of genocide committed by the Russians on Ukrainian civilians, it is hard to see how Putin would fair. The daily threats of nuclear war by Putin and his cronies could easily escalate internationally, resulting in the extermination of all life on earth. This would no doubt snuff out the dawn of a new technological AI age and everything else with it. The question is, do the Russian people want to progress into the future, or do they all want to die in abject misery and regression with Vladimir Putin?

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