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ECHR Illegal Migrant Channel Crossings Continue

CALAIS - France - Helping the boats across the Channel is part of the job of the French Navy, and with the help of the ECHR British law is superseded.

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With boats made in China, the ECHR blessed and encouraged illegal migrant trade across the Channel continues daily.

All 47 Council of Europe member states – including the UK and the 27 EU countries – are parties to the European Convention on Human Rights, which has been in force in this country since 1951.

It is overseen by the European Court of Human Rights which was set up in 1959 to rule on individual member states violating the “civil and political rights” set out in the ECHR. Its judgments are binding.

“We are protected and encouraged by the ECHR and French authorities, who actively encourage more migrants to sign up to cross the English Channel in rubber dinghies. In full sight from French beaches, the gendarmerie and French navy watch us load up little dinghies, and they even guide our boats safely halfway across the Channel. Once we are halfway across, the British do-gooders takeover and rescue us. Many men then declare they are unaccompanied children, and the English idiots accept this untruth without question. We even had one guy with a full beard declare he was an 8-year-old child. They even put him in a school where he enjoyed the free food and bullying the kids for fun. After our people arrive, we are put into 4-star hotels and given Domino’s Pizza. Thank you, idiot English scum. We then are given a property and your famous English benefits. This is the reason we come over — to leech off your benefits system. Why do you think your NHS is barely functioning now? We do not want to contribute to your fucking country? The only thing we can give you is a bloody nose, maybe a few rapes, and a life-long of scrounging benefits. Otherwise, you will find us on the world-famous Oxford Street either begging for more cash from naive gullible idiots or pickpocketing. On some days a good thief can make over £500 a day. We then send that money back to Albania or Romania and use it to build garish mansions where we run our criminal empires from. Everyone in the boats has a specific role once they land in the UK. Some are prostitutes, some thieves, professional beggars, pickpockets, mafia, hitmen all sorts. On top of the generous benefits, we earn more money than we can use. Thank you, ECHR. Without your rulings, these British swine would send us back, but thanks to you superseding their British laws and government, they cannot do anything but pay us loads of benefits. Thanks to the French police who we pay off. Thanks to the weak idiot British fools who cannot do anything to stop us.”

The price to cross the English Channel varies according to the network of smugglers, between 3,000 and 7,000 euros ($3,380 and $8,000). And the people who collect the money — up to 300,000 euros ($432,000) per boat that makes it across the narrows of the channel — are not the ones arrested in the periodic raids along the coastline. They are just what French police call “the little hands.” They are given carte blanche to do as they please without any fear of arrest or prosecution from the French authorities.

At a minimum, smuggling organizations in 2022 netted 69 million euros ($77.7 million) for the crossing, or 2 million euros per kilometre.

In 2022, 45,756 migrants crossed the English Channel illegally in boats. It is projected that the numbers will continue to increase by 30% in 2023.

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