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Bitcoin Crash: Demented Biden Tries to Kill Off Crypto

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The idiocy of Joe Biden defines no borders, including ruining the world of crypto.

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How do you know if Biden has spoken from his arse lips? Well, either the regular stockmarket falls sharply, or inflation rises to impossible levels, or all of these things and Bitcoin along with all the crypto’s fall down with spectacular velocity.

“Someone should shut that crooked piece of shit up. I just witnessed billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin crash into the fucking ground. What is it with Biden, everything he touches turns to shit? Trump had the golden touch with the economy, jobs, low taxes, low gas prices, and low cost of living. Whoever voted or cheated to bring in Biden should be tarred and feathered, the cunts!” one extremely angry man said yesterday.

One reason that Crypto currencies were created with a Blockchain was that they were not able to be taxed, yet tell that to meddling socialist tax addicts like Biden. Lawyers have pointed out that Biden’s insane plans, when applied to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFT), would make it impossible to comply with the law.

Just never cash out or buy any crypto in the USA ever again. Plenty of brokers outside America.

Because of the Biden administration idiocy, crypto traders, and holders will merely move their stuff offshore. Shooting himself in the foot again, this will mean U.S. citizens can simply use brokers outside the USA where there are no insane declaration U.S. tax forms to fill in.

As is always the case with socialist tax grabs, prepare for a massive exodus from America of brokers and crypto aficionados.

Crooked Joe, is not exactly the beacon of honesty and tax paying. As a lowly paid senator, over the years he seems to have acquired vast wealth beyond his government salary. Owning over five huge mansions with big packets of land. Of course, no one dares ask any questions, and with Biden’s crack pipe smoking son, Burisma Biden, getting off Scott free because his dad told the FBI to stand down, there’s nothing to see here folks.

Stop messing with crypto, you demented piece of socialist crap.

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