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Reform: Saving Britain the Common Sense Widdecombe Way

DONCASTER - England - No one speaks more common sense than the Reform Party's Ann Widdecombe.


The whip cracks to the strains of Abba as Ann Widdecombe takes to the stage much like a tornado takes to a Floridian coastline. This is a woman who can only speak sense and nothing else, and should be venerated as Britain’s true saviour, especially regarding the fields of mass unfettered immigration, law and order as well as real fucking fair rights.

You may not agree with what Ann Widdecombe says, but that’s because you have no sense of true right and wrong. You must learn, you must appreciate what Ann Widdecombe says because her voice is the shout of the Magna Carta, the shout of the silent majority and the shout of ancient Britons.

Freedom means everything to this woman, and it means a lot to us at the Daily Squib offices. We need to bring back our liberty, our freedom for expression without persecution and cancellation. We must tolerate other people’s opinions, and this Christian woman rightly wants Christians to be treated in the same manner as other religions are treated. This is only fair for every Christian, if you believe in Christianity or not, this is a religion that is becoming more and more marginalised.

Ann Widdecombe is the antidote to the horrid Marxist woke high priests of fake morality, as much as the Daily Squib has always fought against. This is why when we were afforded an interview with Ann, we were truly honoured.

This coming election, a message must be sent not only to the failing incompetent Conservative Party but to the failing lacklustre Labour Party as well — WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!

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  1. I too will be voting Reform.
    Some say it is a wasted vote as it will allow Labour an even easier victory. But a Labour government is going to happen anyway and therefore we must prepare ourselves for another 5 years of wokeness, virtue signalling, finger wagging and ever more taxation, fines and penalties for daring to leave your front door.

    It is a shame that the current electoral system is rigged in such a way as to make it impossible for Reform to make a serious dent in the number of MPs it can send to the HoC. Just like with UKIP back in 2015 – 5 million votes but only 1 MP.

    Anyway, prepare to have your pockets picked by whatever party becomes the next government. More so if you’re an indigenous, hard working, model citizen – we’re just asking for trouble!

  2. Love Ann she is definitely one of the most forthright politicians we have and should be a national treasure status.

  3. I have voted Tory for 40 years. This time I am voting Reform UK. They are the only party speaking any kind of sense.

  4. I am changing my vote from Labour to Reform UK because they are the only party who can save our country.

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