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A Beautiful Moment to Lighten Up Your Day

CALIFORNIA - USA - Sit back, light up another one, and delight in watching a beautiful moment in time unfold in front of you to lighten up your day.

Sometimes it’s good to share a delightful clip or two on the internets, and this is what we are doing today on the Squib. This is a beautiful moment in time, encapsulated in glorious detail, that will have you smiling all day.

The joyous episode was captured somewhere in California, a state run by people who pass silly laws that benefit no one, and contribute to the misery of millions of folks who are unfortunate enough to live there. These idiots even plan on bringing out a new law which will make it illegal to stop shoplifters.

To see instances of such immediate justice meted out with such fervour is truly a glorious beauteous sight, and even though there will be many ‘progressives’ or should we call the pompous arseholes ‘regressives’, who will not appreciate the sheer beauty and passion of this moment and will whimper into their handkerchiefs — fuck them.


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  1. That really is beautiful to see that POS get beat. I come here every day now to watch that first thing. It sets me up for the rest of the day. Truly beautiful. Thank you.

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