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If the Remainers are Furious – It’s a Good Brexit Deal – Merry Brexitmas!

LONDON - England - A jubilant Boris Johnson has revealed a breakthrough with Brexit negotiations, as a final deal with the EU has been accepted.

For four years we have had to endure the incessant moaning of Remainers and their bid to overturn the EU Referendum result to leave the EU in 2016.

They tried everything, every dirty trick in the book to try and nullify the EU Referendum result, even their court cases, and their dirty tricks to kill off Brexit in parliament did not work. It seemed for these Remainers, Democracy did not exist, or maybe they were so indoctrinated in the machinations of the EU, they were actively doing things the EU way, i.e. No Democracy, or Democracy in Name Only.

Today is a historic day for Britain, and even though British fisherman once again got fucked, slightly, hopefully looking through the small print will not turn up more instances of Britain succumbing to the EU.

Even Farage gave a vague nod on the telly, but he, like most prudent Brexiteers is generally positive about the move albeit cautious.

Boris flopped around his desk much like a wet fish caught by a French fisherman, yes, he was happy and could now go upstairs to celebrate with his young girlfriend Carrie Symonds aka Princess Nut Nut.

For those who campaigned for Brexit, it has been a long time coming, and the needless to and froing could have been averted but working with such slippery characters in the EU was never going to be so easy.

The UK has already sealed multiple trade deals this year worth up to £200 billion, with multiple global partners, so it was only right that we somehow got along with the EU seeing as the Continent is only a short dinghy ride away.

We must not forget Nigel Farage, who has been fighting for thirty years for this moment, or the diabolical talents of Dominic Cummins who engineered Vote Leave as well as the recent conclusive election win where the Tories sidelined the Labour Party with a huge majority. Brexit and the problem of the EU has seen off four prime ministers, and was the downfall of Thatcher as well. The level of infiltration of EU operatives over 40 years working in Britain was substantial, and many were in parliament, paid off by the EU to do their pseudo-communist bidding. Hopefully, these elements will one day be purged from the system, although this may take a few more generations to complete.

One can only hope Britain will have the ability to become a Singapore style operation by welcoming billions and trillions of pounds into the UK from all corners of the globe, this wish remains to be seen. Will Britain always be held back by the EU and its ‘level playing field’ mantra of mediocrity, as well as their protectionist model for industry and business?

What about the horrific idea of Labour winning the election in four years time? Might they try and overturn Brexit somehow?

As for the Scots, today many of them are eating crow instead of a festive Haggis. Much of Scotland voted to remain, and have been a constant thorn in the side of Brexiteers since the EU Referendum. If it was up to many Southerners, Scotland would be gladly separated from the mainland, and drifted out to the sea, however they are a part of the UK for now.

Here’s a drink to the wriggling maggot, Lord Adonis, who up until last week was calling for another referendum in the EU’s favour of course, lest we forget Gina Nadira Singh (Gina Miller) a Guyanese affiliate of George Soros who did her best to overturn the EU Referendum so many times. Dishonourable mentions must also go to yellow stain Nick Clegg, and the meddlesome war criminal, Blair, as well as interfering shyster extraordinaire, Bercow. You lost!

Merry Brexitmas!


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