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Nashville Bombing Precursor of What is to Come?

NASHVILLE - USA - A massive bomb has exploded planted in an RV downtown. As of yet there are no confirmed deaths.


With such a polarised nation, a stolen election, and increased levels of foreign intervention from countries like China, as well as domestic terror groups like ANTIFA and BLM roaming the streets, it is inevitable that events like the Nashville bombing will take place,

This huge bomb was a mere warning though, we can ascertain this by the recorded message before it exploded.

Naturally these are early days in the investigation, but seeing as the FBI are now involved, it is doubtful they will release any information regarding their search for the bomber any time soon.

Cui bono?

Nashville is viewed as a country music loving ‘redneck’ city by American socialists aligned with BLM and ANTIFA, therefore a fringe Marxist group could be involved, but these are still early days.

Parked outside an AT&T building this could also be a direct attack on communications. Was this building connected to crucial election data seeing as the Georgia vote is coming up, or maybe it held important electoral fraud info that needed to be erased?

America is now very close to Civil War, and the election fiasco/media coverup, as well as SCOTUS whitewashing has caused a lot of people to question their institutions and law.

Next time there may not be any warnings, just bombs in multiple cities, with so many angry people on both sides of the political spectrum it is hard to know who is involved. Could even be Islamic terrorism taking advantage of the situation in America — who knows? China, China, China!

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