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Britons Now is the Time to Dig For Victory 2.0

LONDON - England - As the EU cuts off our food supplies, the message in Britain is Dig For Victory. Everyone should be in the garden growing their own food.


The EU is cutting our food supply off from the Continent to try and bully Britain to sign a bad Brexit deal. Our only option now is to Dig For Victory…2.0.

This means salad, raspberries, strawberries and other non-seasonal stuff will be in short supply, but it does not have to be this way.

You don’t have to wait in long supermarket queues to only find everything has been sold out, why not grow your own fruit and veg?

Britons have been here before, yes, you may think it is some kind of déjà vu, however this Isle must now become more self-sufficient. You must Dig For Victory once again fellow Britons.

Growing stuff in your garden, in allotments, in schools, pretty much anywhere not only feeds you and your family but there is a special sense of achievement. Anyone can do it, there is no particular requirement apart from being able to dig a little and throw those seeds down.

Doesn’t matter if you are young or old, pick up that rake and hoe, and sow.

Want some fresh salad, some potatoes, some peas? Get out into the garden right now, pick up a spade and get gardening.


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