Brexit Punishment: Dictator Macron Shuts Off Freight to Britain

CALAIS - France - As French dictator Macron cuts off vital food and medicine supplies to Britain, it is all too obvious that this is a Brexit warning using the pretence of Covid.

“Let zis be a lesson to le Rosbifs! No more salad pour vous, or fromage or vin! If you do not give us full fishing rights in your waters and the ability to rule over Britain for decades further, we cut off your supplies! You can go back to eating boiled potatoes, boiled cabbage and gammon! Like the old days eh! Oh, excuse moi, zis is about the new strain of coronavirus, zis is why we cut off freight..heh, hehe, heh!” Dictator Macron of France, of the EU, shouted on Monday.

According to the EU, cutting off vital freight carrying food and medicine to the UK is justified because the EU are a bunch of vindictive bullies who hate losing.

“Amongst the daily idiotic demands we keep slapping into the so-called negotiations, we want all your fish, we want the ability to dictate what laws you can make in Britain, and we fart in the general direction of your ‘sovereignty’ you fucking Britisher swine!” an unelected EU Commission bureaucrat said, before drunkenly lowering his trousers and farting.

What next doodlebugs?

Will the EU resort to U-boats and doodlebugs to destroy the British spirit of Brexit freedom and cut off our food supply? With the loony tinpot dictators assembled in the EU, us Brits wouldn’t put it past them.

As for Dictator Macron, he was last seen goose-stepping around Calais looking through his telescope at the Cliffs of Dover.

“I veeell make you bend to my will! You will succumb to my bully tactics you English cochons! Soon you will be eating cabbage soup for Christmas! Oui, while we will be dining on exquisite roast meats and champagne! Bwah ha hah hah ha!”

To think, we once saved these people in World War II. How time and gratitude sometimes do not mix well, especially with the egotistical dictators of the world.