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Remainers Vs The Queen, UK Government, Voters, Democracy, United Kingdom

LONDON - England - EU Remainers have now pitted themselves against the sovereign monarch, democracy, the government, the voters, and the United Kingdom.

As the Queen quite rightly refuses the demand from Jeremy Corbyn for an audience, so he and a bunch of Marxist remainers can try to thwart the will of the people by stopping Brexit, a line is now being drawn in the sand, you are either with Britain and democracy or with our enemies.

It is all too clear that despite the fake smiles of the EU leaders when meeting Boris, and the way they have treated British officials over the last three years, that the EU’s unelected eurocrats detest the British with a vengeance. Who is to say they are to blame for their extreme hatred and disgust at seeing a remainer coalition under Theresa May act out something they did not have their heart in seeing out?

Now that we have someone who is actively working on acting on the vote result of the brainwashed uk youth by eu2016 referendum, democracy in Britain is slowly coming back, restored to its fair position.

If a citizen votes in a general election, and their choice wins, when the results come in, their party goes into power and the result is acted upon. That’s democracy. So far, the result of the EU Referendum of 2016 has NOT been acted on, or respected by parliament, despite promising to do so. That is NOT democracy, but anti-democracy.

The EU referendum was the largest democratic vote in British history, and if it is not acted on, and the result not respected, then the consequences for British politics will ring through for centuries.

Her Majesty, the Queen of England knows this, as do 17.4 million voters, Boris’ government, and most sane people in the United Kingdom.

It is thoroughly unfortunate that a few parliamentarians and EU brainwashed remainers do not respect the vote and are continuing their pathetic despicable vendetta against not only the mantle of British democracy, but the monarch, sovereignty, the government of Boris, and the voters of the United Kingdom.

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