Corbyn supporters

The next few days/weeks will no doubt be quite entertaining as news is now trickling through that Corbyn’s Labour Marxist army of rabble rousers are mobilising for a fight.

“This is what the extreme leftist contingent have been looking for, and they want a poll tax type of event to communicate their Marxist credentials,” one observer commented.

The EU is itself built upon anti-democratic Marxist collectivist ideology, and the people in Britain who support this political entity are themselves fervent communists whether they know it or not.

What has been surprising for many is the level of communistic brainwashing that is apparent amongst remainers, which also has a trickle down effect to champagne socialists, luvvies, and the everyday virtue signalling snivelling Waitrose-shopping talk boxes that inhabit this country.

The Daily Squib has written in the past that it will take decades of education to undo the EU programming a lot of these people are sadly suffering from. For a lot of remainers, it is not their fault that they have been indoctrinated to a point of catatonic delusion, it is just a question of deprogramming these automatons which the post-Brexit government will need to address at some time.

The deprogramming of EU indoctrination will also need to take place in schools, universities, and media establishments.

Deprogramming of Eurocentric MPs will be easy, all it will take is to give them a source of backhander cash from the UK as opposed to the brown envelopes they were receiving via the EU beforehand. Once the cash is coming through, the MPs will suddenly be patriotic and British again. The same thing applies to all other institutions who have been previously bribed by EU cash subsidies and backhanders. The irony of the whole EU subsidy/bribe thing is that it was all part of British taxpayers money where we paid Brussels vast amounts of cash per annum, only for the EU to redistribute portions of it to institutions they chose to bribe.

It is not known whether the BBC will ever be British ever again, but time will tell, maybe in a few generations, there will be changes in the hierarchy and old school leftist methodology of the BBC to finally bring some form of impartiality to broadcasting.

The faux outrage by celebrity luvvies although entertaining is also a sign that many who are celebrities are so far removed from reality that they have absolutely no idea about what is going on the ground, their rose-tinted luvvie spectacles, and virtue signalling champagne socialist sensibilities limited to deluded rants in the Garrick club or spitting their vitriol in a Singapore Airlines First Class cabin over their filet mignon.

We await the likes of Patrick Stewart and Emma Thompson to further pollute the atmosphere with their carbon emissions by flying over here from their luxury Los Angeles mansions to stand in line with the unwashed Marxist remainers in the Strand, or Battersea Park, or wherever they choose to rally. We will watch you with disdain and disgust at your vile hypocrisy and venomous self-hatred.