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Forex Markets Are Ignoring the Positives of Brexit – Vast Amounts Money to Be Made GBP

LONDON - England - There will be vast economic benefits to the UK and globe by Brexit, and the GBP is the currency to buy now at its lowest point because it has been artificially oversold on biased EU sentiment to a point that is beyond its actual worth.

The Forex marketeers are biased towards the EU, and should see that Brexit will free up the UK to make huge monetary gains economically.

Instead, these market makers and banking institutions have been for too long constrained by EU propaganda and have ignored the economic benefits that Brexit will bring not only to the UK but to the globe.

Having a Clean Brexit on October 31 will bring forth lucrative trade deals from all over the globe, including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, India, Middle East, and China. Goods will still be traded in the EU, and there will be vast opportunities in all sectors for vast profits. Many of these deals are already in advanced process.

The GBP traders, and market makers should be factoring in this immense wealth and low tax economy that will make Britain a hub of business within Europe within the next few decades.

Naturally with any change, there will probably be a few hiccups, but these are short term, the onus should be on concentrating on the long term.

Brexit is a thoroughly positive action, and will OPEN up Britain to the globe once again after it has been restricted in trade for decades under the authoritarian restrictive protectionist racket of the EU.

Market makers, retail traders, institutions, must now pile into the GBP and see Brexit as a celebration, because the British economy will soar to immense heights within the next few decades. It is guaranteed, and as the GBP/USD is now at its lowest point purely on Projectfear perceptions, now is the time to buy. The great Nathan Mayer Rothschild knew what he was doing directly after the battle of Waterloo when he bought up half of the stocks in the market at the lowest point, well we are now in a similar situation, and the ones in the know will be filling their boots.

Now is the time to put your money into the Sterling, at the lowest point, because tomorrow, this price will be unattainable, and you will be kicking yourself for not acting.

GBP has been oversold beyond any level that is realistic to its worth.

Unemployment rate in member states of the European Union in May 2019 (seasonally adjusted)
Unemployment rate
Greece** 18.1%
Spain 13.6%
Italy 9.9%
France 8.6%


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