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Brexit Betrayal: Why Britain Now Deserves a Corbyn Government

LONDON - England - A leading think tank thinks Britain deserves to be punished with a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government after reneging on Brexit.

The failure of the government and parliament to deliver its democratic promise to enact Brexit as was voted on June 23, 2016 is a sure sign that some elements of democracy are now dead in the UK. One can only prescribe a fitting punishment as severe as war itself — a Corbyn led UK government.

What was deemed at the time as the largest democratic vote in British history where 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU and all of its institutions has effectively been quashed by less than 500 people in the House of Commons thus reneging on their previous promises to honour the democratic result.

This failure to honour democracy, is not only a great failure for the British parliament, but a gross insult to voters who expect their vote to count.

“If our votes do not count anymore, what does?” an angry former voter commented at another rally.

The right to protest in the UK is also a heavily policed affair, and many protests are shut down without even hitting the streets.

Prominent think tank, the Democracy Project claims that a Corbyn government is now fully deserved in Britain as an ultimate punishment to the failed Brexit farce.

“Britain in its ultimate failure, now deserves a Labour Corbyn government which will punish the people infinitely. It will most of all punish the Remainers who have through their own treachery betrayed the UK, their own homeland and allowed foreign powers to take over our nation. An anti-capitalist Marxist government would thus be the ultimate punishment as it would lead to economic disaster for the UK. Corbyn’s 10-year-plan is to nationalise all major businesses and utilities and through collectivisation redistribute all wealth to the poor. As a staunch Marxist, Corbyn would raise taxes on high earning citizens by 95%, and introduce new wealth taxes that would be commensurate to assets owned. This would mean Remainers, who are predominantly of the elite class would have their assets stripped, and redistributed through collectivist Marxist methodology to the welfare state. Further punishment would be meted out to Britons with an introduction of increased fuel taxes which would effectively force many off the roads, as well as an updated inheritance taxation scheme that would involve 85% of assets going to the state. Offshore schemes would be severely policed, and any citizens found to own money offshore would have their assets seized and jailed. Collectivist strategy was a tool wielded heavily by Stalin in soviet times, and so will Corbyn utilise this technique to funnel wealth into a large state system of governance which will grow exponentially whilst destroying the capitalist private sector. Yes, Corbyn will align the UK with the EU by revoking Article 50, and the UK will stay in the EU for a very good reason, the EU will help in assisting Corbyn to assimilate the country fully in EU superstate soviet ideology but it will do so by redistributing wealth from the previously rich to the disadvantaged and needy. Corbyn who detests the royal family with a vengeance will have their budget slashed to a minimum leaving them no choice but to vacate their palaces and leave them to rot. Minor royals like Prince Harry and Meghan will not have any budget at all and will be stripped of their royal status altogether. Remainers want more migration, they will be lucky, because under Corbyn, borders will not have guards anymore, and the entire third world, and EU populations will be encouraged to come to Britain and settle. This will destroy all public services, and render much of the NHS redundant just from the sheer volume of migration allowed in will be even more than Tony Blair allowed while he was PM. Remainers will thus have their dreams fulfilled, but at what cost? Well, one of extreme poverty, corruption, and a devious authoritarian communist stasi regime which will see many formerly rich Remainers in rags, their wealth completely eviscerated, and their treachery coming back to haunt them with karmic accuracy.”

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