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URGENT Communique: We MUST Restore Democracy in Parliament Again

LONDON - England - Rogue MPs have bypassed the democratic vote of the people, and Britain is now in a constitutional crisis. We must restore democracy in parliament.

We are in a constitutional crisis now where democracy has been bypassed by parliament and it is up to the people to do something about it or democracy will never return to Britain again.

Parliamentarians have seen fit to act like feudal lords and bypass democracy much like the EU bypasses democratic votes all the time. The vote of the people does not count anymore, because the result of the EU referendum has been disavowed by rogue elements within the House of Commons which effectively removes democracy within the UK from the equation.

You may be a Remainer, or a Leaver but this affects both factions, because losing the democratic right for a vote that counts is an issue that will affect not only us now but many generations to come.

Why are these rogue elements sabotaging the result of the largest democratic vote in British history, the EU referendum?

There are many variables to this question. Firstly, many have been sold off monetarily by receiving monetary benefit from Brussels to not only betray their country but democracy as a whole in the UK, secondly they are zealots of the EU cause to create a superstate which will eviscerate all nation states within the EU to create one super soviet union within Europe. Thirdly, these rogue elements have been promised high ranking lucrative positions within the EU after they leave the UK for Brussels or Strasbourg.

If the vote does not count anymore what can a mere citizen do? 

We may not have a vote that counts anymore, but we can protest. In the future if there is a fake election or another fake referendum, simply do not vote or you can spoil your ballot paper.

We do not advise civil unrest, but if we do not have any democratic rights as citizens, many could fall to the streets to make their feelings known. In the worst case scenario for the parliamentarians who have bypassed democracy, there could be mass civil unrest on a continuous basis for the next twenty or thirty years. There are more people than MPs, and it would be an unrelenting reminder that democracy and sovereignty must be restored in the UK once again.

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