duchess meghan finger

The crowds were out to view celebrities Meghan Markle and Prince Harry out and about in the beautiful town of Grimsby.

The stylish duchess of Sussex wore a wonderful blue beret, and burgundy coat. The duke of Sussex, prince Harry waddled along next to his new wife, sometimes falling a few steps behind as ordered.

The sun was out and everyone was cheering. Today, the royals were visiting a graveyard where they looked at the grave stones for five minutes then were whisked off to the next destination.

“It was lovely seeing the new duchess Meghan. She even gave us a little hand gesture as a way of showing her appreciation at being asked to come to this Grimsby graveyard,” Nicola Yardingham, 39, yelped with delight.

The Sussex’ were then off to a youth centre in the middle of Grimsby town centre, where youths displayed their spitting skills to the royal couple with one lad lobbing a piece of phlegm almost 6 feet across the room landing in someone’s cup of tea.

The duchess plans to have her fourth baby shower party next week.

Meghan, being 24 months pregnant has been a real royal trooper and has been praised by the Queen for her fortitude despite her ailment.

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