The blatant disregard for the voter by MPs in parliament bypassing Brexit will come back to haunt the dishonourable members some day.

Under Britain’s parliamentary history, the institution of the House of Commons is one that is meant to serve the voter in a democracy, however with two parliamentary amendments that have been concocted much to the detriment of those who voted for Brexit, there is clear evidence that MPs are actively trying to stop Brexit every happening.

On June 23, 2016, in the biggest democratic vote ever seen in Britain’s history, 17.4 million people across the country voted to Leave the EU.

If Brexit is stopped from happening, there is a factual and legal base to presume that democracy does not exist in Britain today, and we are still living in a feudal system overlorded by MPs in the House of Commons and Lords in the House of Lords. These people have effectively taken over the role of the monarch within a feudal system, and the rest of the population are their serfs, with no say at all.

If the MPs have taken over the vote for Brexit, then they have effectively disavowed democracy in Britain.

This action by MPs is not only unconstitutional, undemocratic but is a direct insult to 17.4 million voters.

The consequences of these actions will naturally come to fruition, and with every undemocratic act, there will be a reaction one way or another. Whether it is massive civil disobedience, mass rioting, or deselection, the voter never forgets.

Remember this well, the voters never forget. These will be your last days in the House of Commons, as your names will have been registered, noted down, and listed.

The voter never forgets.