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Obama Still in Control: Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - President Trump is ready to declare a national emergency in light of a government shutdown and to exorcise the demons of Obama's National Defence Executive Orders.

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Former President Obama is still effectively in control of much of the internal workings of the American governmental institutions and agencies, and this is why Donald Trump’s every move is stopped from the inside of government.

The national defence executive orders Obama introduced piecemeal from 2012-2016 put America into a state of pseudo martial law where all governmental departments answered directly to his socialist global ideology, and these executive laws have stood in place even under Trump’s reign.

This is why every move that Trump has made has been thwarted one way or another, because under Obama’s executive orders, governmental officials only answer to the globalist agenda and not to that of Trump, who is an American nationalist.

There is great fear now among the American media and governmental agencies that Trump will declare his own national emergency legal framework superseding the Obama executive orders which have caused so much friction in the Trump administration.

Trump’s address (02.00 GMT 9/1/19) was a forewarning and may finally create an opportunity for the president to overrule the Obama era directives, so that the people who have been in service to Obama within all governmental agencies can be removed, purged from the system. This ‘draining of the swamp’ would then allow a clear path for Trump to move forward with his plans and not hit a brick wall at every move.

Immediately from day one, every governmental agency within the United States was actively working against the president, and many governmental employees are actively seeking to undermine Trump’s decision making at every point.

By declaring a national emergency directive, much of Obama’s deep state will be rooted out and crushed. There are many in the U.S. media who may be arrested as well as those on Capitol Hill, for their acts of treason against the country and president.

One way or another, the Teflon Don will have his way, and this is why you have to sit back, break out the popcorn and Schlitz, because when the fireworks start, the real entertainment will commence in earnest.


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