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The Sad Demise of CNN From News to Biased Opinion

NEW YORK - USA - CNN used to report the news, but now is an opinionated politically biased propaganda echo chamber.


CNN used to be the bastion of American news reporting, where it actually reported what was going on with actual journalistic facts. Sadly, it has now been denigrated to such a low level of so-called journalism that it is no longer seen as journalistic.

“CNN is now all about opinion, and this opinion is solely socialistic, extreme left wing rhetoric mixed in with half-truths and blatant political bias favouring one single party. CNN no longer reports the facts, it is a mere tool for socialist Americans to parrot their propaganda 24 hours a day into the heads of American citizens,” a former prominent CNN broadcaster revealed.

Shameful bias

How this media giant has fallen from the heyday of Ted Turner’s charge is precipitous. Looking from the outside inward, the former news service is blighted by extreme leftist stars like Don Lemon, a racist anti-white homosexual rights campaigner who decries anything that is not black supremacist or linked to the gay rights movement. His political ideology is so far to the left, it smacks of Soviet Marxist rhetoric, spewed out to the American audiences day in day out.

Even former host Larry King recently commented about the company he used to work for: “CNN stopped doing news a long time ago, they do Trump.”

The actual CNN reporting and journalism from within Iraq during the Gulf war, are decades behind and entrenched in history now, because if you watch the channel today, all you will get is anti-Trump discussions, and biased political anti-conservative anti-alternative media anti-free speech talk points more relevant to a Soviet communist state than America.

The blatantly biased political opinion of a news agency that used to report the news, is something that goes against all journalistic rules, and condemns CNN to become a mere echo chamber for socialistic rhetoric and propaganda.

As for Ted Turner, what happened to him? He recently commented on the demise of the channel by saying he’d prefer his old network had a more balanced agenda, “but that’s just one man’s opinion.”


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