Foreign Office: BoJo Strikes Gold

LONDON - England - Here was a man only a few weeks ago staring into a precipice, he had been stabbed callously in the back by what was a trusted friend, he had fallen from the summit of the prime rib ministership and then some.


What was Boris to do? But look at him now, the cat that got the cream. The new PM, Theresa May has given BoJo a plummy job as Foreign Secretary, and this is a reward befitting such a colourful character as Boris.

One can imagine his tongue falling out on the table when he was summoned up yesterday knowing full well he would be awarded a Cabinet role.

First things first, poor old Boris had to extricate that dastardly dagger from his back, and there were many pulls until it was finally out. Why not stick it in the slime ball Osborne or that calculating Machiavelli Gove. Well, looks like Boris won’t have to as George Gideon Osborne has been unceremoniously sacked as Chancellor and Gove is nowhere to be seen, a pariah in the Conservative party.

Ah, Foreign Secretary, travelling to all these exotic places, dinner, and of course a different flavour of pussy cat at every destination.

Well done Boris.

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