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Electoral Fraud: People With No British Citizenship Being Sent EU Referendum Polling Cards

LONDON - England - Eastern Europeans with no British citizenship or right to vote in the UK have been sent EU referendum polling cards in direct contravention of electoral laws in Britain.

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Amongst a climate of lies and scaremongering by the BSE (Britain Stronger in Europe) campaign led by David Cameron, this latest revelation is not surprising, but still unsettling for honest voters in such an important referendum.

One journalist revealed he knows of “Germans and Poles” who have also received their polling cards in the post and asked on Twitter if anyone else had heard of any instances.

Another person then replied: “This happened to a Swedish friend of mine who had a German passport. They were on the electoral roll and voted.”

Polish citizen Jakub Pawlowski, who lives in Kingston, Surrey, said: “I have been living in UK since 2006 but never applied for British citizenship. I recently bought a house and in December 2015, right after completion, filled the form to get registered on electoral roll.

“I have selected there that I’m a Polish citizen. I could therefore vote in London mayoral elections this month, however recently I got a polling card for the upcoming referendum on EU membership.”

This latest incident comes atop another where postal vote instructions were sent out with suggestions to vote to remain in the European Union.

The electoral commission cannot verify any of the allegations as the numbers are so high.


UPDATE (2/6/16)

MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Bernard Jenkin, have written a letter to David Cameron with serious concerns about ineligible EU citizens being sent polling cards telling them that they have a vote in the referendum on 23 June

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