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Juncker: If Britain Remains There Will Be No More Reform in EU


One of the primary reasons IN campaigners spout their robotic rants during the EU referendum is that if we remain in the EU, Britain will be able to reform it, and change the EU.

Today, the EU president, Jean Claude Juncker said that Britain will have to agree to everything if it remains in the EU and it will never be able to reform the European Union, directly contradicting the ailing PM, David Cameron.

“We have concluded a deal with the prime minister, he got the maximum he could receive, we gave the maximum we could give.”

“So there will be no renegotiation, not on the agreement we found in February, nor as far as any kind of treaty negotiations are concerned.”

This is why to preserve our democracy, it is imperative that we Vote Leave on June 23. This is the only way the UK can ensure our sovereignty.

  • The UK has been outvoted every time it has voted against an EU measure – 72 times in total. 40 of these defeats have taken place since David Cameron became Prime Minister. This costs the UK taxpayer £2.4 billion a year. We do not get our way on the issues we care about.
  • Since the UK joined the EU in 1973, it has lost 101 out of 131 cases before the European Court, a failure rate of 77.1%. Since David Cameron became Prime Minister in May 2010, the UK has been defeated on 16 occasions: a failure rate of 80%.
  • EU rules mean that we don’t have the power to intervene to get our way at home. The Government has acknowledged that its scope to intervene in the steel crisis is limited by EU state aid rules. The Business Minister, Anna Soubry MP, has said ‘We have to be very careful because we have to be compliant with state aid rules.

This latest intervention by the EU president represents a major blow to the Tory leader’s hopes of persuading still undecided voters to vote Remain with the promise of a further renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with Brussels.

It is thoroughly clear from Juncker’s words that if Britain remains in the EU, there will be no room for reform.

Vote Leave on June 23

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