Vote Leave For Democracy – Vote Remain For No Democracy

LONDON - England - Today is the EU referendum. The most important vote that some of us will make in a lifetime to either free Britain from the shackles of the EU by voting leave or condemn it to be swallowed up by the undemocratic EU by voting remain.



We will dispense with the intricacies and multiple reasons not to remain in the EU with a very simple sentence, especially for any undecideds out there.



Vote Leave for Democracy, Vote Remain for No Democracy. 







  • Chaz

    Whatever happens tomorrow morning (24th) The Squib and its writer(s)! can pat itself/themselves on the back as the only news organ with a totally cogent view of this referendum. Keep pushing those pens, (Tapping those keys!)
    We need something like the Squib with its satire and forthrightness to offer an alternative and realistic view of the world around us – Good on yer!! Chaz