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Cameron Wants Every Briton to Make Arts and Crafts to Settle...

LONDON - England - Prime minister, David Cameron has asked every Briton to make paperweights and assorted arts and crafts so that the £5 Trillion debt can be slowly whittled down.

David Cameron Presents Obama With Spray Can Graffiti Gift

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Obama has been given a great gift from the British prime minister, David Cameron, on his recent visit to the American capital city.

David Cameron Launches His Big Society

LIVERPOOL - England - Prime Minister David Cameron is set to launch his "big society" drive today.

UK Sado-Masochists Hail Cameron’s ‘Years of Pain Ahead’ Speech

LONDON - England - There was widespread joy amongst many practicing sado-masochists in the UK yesterday after prime minister, David Cameron, made his fateful doom speech.

I Will Re-awaken Enterprise by Increasing Taxation Says David Cameron

LONDON - England - David Cameron will pledge today to “reopen Britain for more recession” as he lays out his vision of a more taxed economy, less reliant on enterprise and freedom.

Cameron Using Thatcher Egg Diet

LONDON - England - David Cameron is said to be using the Thatcher egg diet in preparation for the upcoming election.

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