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Cameron's Big National Socialist Society

LONDON - England - The 'Illuminated' ones know exactly what David Cameron's 'big society' is and how it was dreamed up by Whitehall and EU policy makers many years before Cameron came into power.

There is nothing sinister about David Cameron’s ‘big society’. In fact, there is nothing new in his words describing it.

Cameron’s ‘big society’ is supposed to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a big society that will ‘take power away from politicians and give it to people’.

The Coalition plans to restore economic prosperity and end mass unemployment using the ruse of a big society, while suppressing state benefits, labour unions and strikes.

Much like the rise of the German National Socialists who empowered the people with vigour and purpose prior to World War II, so too is Cameron’s call to engender community spirit; for people to get up and work for the state without pay; for specialist Coalition organisers to instruct the people on how they should do this. Soon, the great shining autobahns will be spanning the UK as they do in Deutchsland even to this day.

Ein Volk Ein EU

To understand Cameron’s Coalition one must first look at the European Union.

The European Union is a Totalitarian Nationalist Socialist state that has been resurrected from the ashes of the Third Reich’s downfall. The Nazis of Germany were a blueprint for the European Union.

One must understand that not only has the Third Reich been resurrected with the European Union’s amalgamation of pretty much every European nation state, but it has also been resurrected in Britain as well.


Oswald Moseley and Hitler would be proud of the covert nature in which National Socialism has reared its head across Europe once again.

There is no doubt that the EU is a Fascist state and one only has to look at the definition of Fascism to understand this fact. During the 19th century, the bundle of rods, in Latin called fasces and in Italian fascio, came to symbolize strength through unity, the point being that whilst each independent rod was fragile, as a bundle they were strong. And so too, the European Union has risen to power by joining states together and taking away individual state powers thus redirecting them to Brussels.

The UK is also aligned with the EU and will eventually be forced to join the Fascist state. Cameron and his counterpart Clegg have been instructed to prepare the UK for this important amalgamation and they will be rewarded richly for their role during the transfer. They will of course explain to the people in a pleasant enough fashion that their hands were tied, of how it was the only option.

Covert Not Overt Fascism

World War II was a mistake by the German National Socialist Fascists because it was a war fought with guns and cannons. Their agenda was too overt, too obvious. The new European Fascism has been won without a single shot being fired. Now that is the true meaning of conquest. Whole countries have submitted and assimilated into the Franco-German ruled EU control system, with promises of untold economic success and riches. So this time, it is Greed that won them over and not Fear. The old Fascists were wrong to try and win by brutality and war, they however created the blueprint for the EU which is now being implemented by the unelected technocrats in Brussels.

David Cameron should not be underestimated in his usage of propaganda and spin techniques employed to lie to the people. Through clever and constant application of his propaganda, the people will be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise. He will, of course, portray a kind caring face to the public; as a family man; someone who speaks ‘common sense’, however, his allegiance is nowhere with the people — it never was in the first place. The people were fooled once again, and they will continue to be fooled after he is long gone.

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