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Fergie to Visit Obamas During Royal Wedding

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Former British royal family member, Sarah Ferguson, has been invited to join the Obama family during the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, White House officials have announced.

After being omitted from the royal wedding of the century, Barack Obama and Sarah Ferguson are determined to show that they too can have fun.

Speaking from the White House, U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama said: “I got her an ipod and some DVDs as a present when she comes to visit. She said she’s not bringing a bust of Churchill so I’m happy as beans. We don’t need to be at Will and Kate’s wedding to have some fun, innit?”

The itinerary for the visit is set to include many high points and party games like pass the parcel around the Oval room.

“It’s a game the Duchess likes to play. Barack will pretend he’s a Sheik and he will distribute a brown envelope around the room filled with about $400,000. It’s up to whoever gets the wad of money to hide it from whoever’s pretending to be the News of the World reporters around the corner. The game culminates in some toe sucking and the Duchess pulling her hair out whilst simultaneously swigging from a bottle of Vodka,” a White House aide told the Washington Post.

Another game that will be played is ‘Avoid the Leper’ where someone has to pretend to be Sarah Ferguson and the rest of the crowd are the British royal family.

Sarah Ferguson and the Obama family will also take day trips on Air Force One costing millions of dollars to the taxpayer during the Duchess’ stay.

“Nothing new here folks. The Duchess of York likes nothing better than to spend copious amounts of other people’s money, no difference to the obamas as well eh,” another White House aide revealed.

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